I grow tired of the reflection
How it always stares back at me
Like an old friend I’ve watched over the years
Condescending, knowing, judging
Eliciting each imperfection, accentuating
Ensuring I never forget, anything

All the years it held, the broken regrets
An occasional smile, danced mockingly
As the hands of the clock move forever forward
Now, it seems the reflection has grown tired of me
I no longer recognize what I see
It looks past, through me
The cold indifference dismisses, hollows me

I shift from one foot to the other, and back again
Staring into nothing, looking for something
That was once a vague reflection of me
Time is taken as quickly as it is given
A paradox of moments that can never last
One after another, until the circle is complete
Always in motion, confined to a linear narrative

What is forever, is it knotted within all of us
Bound around that which cannot be forgotten
Do I believe it’s real, what I see, can’t see
Have I given up my vision for the reflection
That no longer holds any resemblance
To even a meager shell of what once was
Perhaps I’ll wait here as the silence, the stillness
Overtakes me, unable to look away
From the nothing that is my reflection

This is a piece from my new poetry collection, Left Waiting. Available in eBook or paperback at Amazon.


  1. Another stunner, River. I love your new book, and I hadn’t got to this one yet. I love the concept of a reflection with it’s own mind, and that it could lose interest in it’s caster – what a great idea to explore. There’s some superb and brilliant imagery here, and I’m sure there’s times when we all feel a bit like this about the void that appears to be staring back at us from the mirror. Wonderful wordsmithing, as ever.

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  2. an answer to a very old question from a very young soul…..

    “no….I will not always be like this” … of which I asked myself 46 years ago….and I’m not sure precisely when I lost “it”… I just know it’s gone

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  3. …it seems the reflection has grown tired of me – I no longer recognize what I see
    It looks past, through me – The cold indifference dismisses, hollows me…
    I have issue with my own reflection, sometimes I think it hates me…

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  4. I just love this one. It touched me deeply as it sounds very familiar. I especially loved thinking about „until the circle is complete“ and adding the symbol of a knot. I love it! Excellent work. Thanks so much! ❤️ Sovely

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  5. This is wonderful. An honest introspection into the self-image formed in the mind will reveal the shallow entity devoid of any substance or reality. Just like the passing clouds, our own existence comprised of fleeting moments which will fade away.

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