The Poet – part 2

Was it a sequence
Of words
Drifting in and out
Like the last time
I tried to sleep
Through the
Drowning sands
With silica dreams
And dry-mouth

How high
Were the tides
That time
I slipped
On my way
Back up
To city streets
The last thing
Which made
Any difference
In all this

Through the
Forgotten waters
Two by two
They come
With pages
Some blank
Some etched
With cryptic
Scrawling dreams
Left open
Only for interpretation
By words
Left Unspoken
Or screamed
Out loud
The last time
If ever
A sunset graced
Your horizon

poet 3

The Poet part 1


  1. You heard my voice singing in your sleep. I rescued you from the torrential waves and kissed your lips to respire your breathe. I held you in my arms, clutched to my chest. Your slow clumsy hands pawing and punching my my back and my neck. I cradled you against the waves of the water in the storms. And when the water was finally at peace I returned you back to the shores. I sang to while you slept. I sometimes wish you remembered, but… sea creatures are rarely pretty.

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  2. Lots of great images!

    My only suggestion is some of the lines are too short, creating a choppy FLOW. Try reading it out loud. In my view, two syllable lines are problematic in creating flow, especially if they are consecutive lines.

    If you have a minute, read Carolyn’s first poem, Summer’s Wind. (Click LOOK INSIDE THE BOOK.) She creates beautiful flow that transports the reader with just the right line lengths:


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