A Likelihood of Saints

There it is again

At the corner

Of my eye

Dangling, distracting

A tiny strand

Twitching, dancing

As if

From a marionette’s

Interpretive hand

Like a dream

Loosely defined

Across the hangman’s

Rented cowl

Look, the pacifists

Are there too


Preaching their scripture

For the destruction

In the name of, necessity

For the preservation

Of the distracted masses

But who they are, likely

It is lost to me, again

This fruitless labor

Of love, in the name of

The last true reflection

Of integrity, wiped away

I smile, again

As the trapdoor opens

Beneath my feet

And there I am, dangling

At the corner

Of someone else’s eye

A fall from grace

To spare the one

Who stands looking


  1. I love this on so many levels, River. For a start, it would fit perfectly into a medieval text, so it’s a natural winner for me. And the imagery and metaphor – A ‘fall from grace’ for a hanging – amazing. I don’t know how you manage to cram so much story, emotion and evocation into your work, but you do it incredibly well. I was there, in the thick of it. Fantastic.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sometimes I think they ‘knight’ just to bring one to one’s knees.
    Sometimes I think praise is an instrument of control,
    and sometimes I think there are those unique creations that are
    truly deserving of all accolades…A Likelihood of Saints is one
    such creation. Bravo!

    Liked by 1 person

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