There’s no absolute
To be found, between
Your Rorschach trial
And the cloud shapes
That once upon a time
Were so endearing
In this one, a rabbit
Followed by
Another rabbit
That looks like
It got too close
To the first rabbit

Tested from
Point to point
Dare calculate
The probability
Of survival, the fittest
With no space
In which to fit
Press farther down
Some God-forsaken
Rabbit hole
That leads right back
To where we started from

Except, this time
The rabbits decided
To tag along
Turns out, the bottom
Of a hole
Isn’t all it’s cracked
Up to be
Who knew better
Not me
I’ve been down here
For days, weeks, months
Probably years

The dirt tastes like
Well, dirt
But one becomes addicted
Not only to the taste
But the smell
And the sounds
Of the digging, the clamoring
As they make their way
One by one
Down the rabbit hole
To stare in wonder
At your missing feet

They watch you
Do your little dance
Of survival
In the dark, drowning
Where no water
Can be found
And question
Among themselves
How in the world
Someone like you
Could get
So far down
Such a tiny hole