Never Sent

I received a letter, once

Pretended it was from you

Vowed to never open

Tucked away in a drawer

Filled with all the other

False-hopes I visit

Often, as the days wane

Though I’ve never

Known your lips

I can still taste

The goodbye

On your breath

That was enough for me

The fantasy of a real-life

Filled with the hunger

Of somedays and maybe

The belief that even you

Have a drawer, a box

Filled with letters

Never sent


  1. So often I can see a film or a novel in your poems, River, and this one is no exception. Your work is imbued with a poignant emotion, and a sprinkling of magic. These are feelings so many people can identify with, and you capture them beautifully, but with a lightness of touch. Superb – as always.

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  2. You never know River. There’s always someone in the world who loves you even though you aren’t aware of it. This is a wonderful poem. Btw did you change your theme. I use the WP app sometimes and all the letters are jumbled together. It’s fine on the computer though. I had this problem and it took me some time before I could find the right theme that displays things correctly both on the app and the computer.

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    1. Thanks, Nitin. I been using the same theme for probably a year now. That’s strange though, I just checked the post on my phone and it looked fine. That’s bothersome that some people may be seeing it jumbled. Thanks for letting me know, I’ll look into it.

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