In between
This, that
and the other
A common ground
Unseen, distorted
Through a lens
Of pseudo-virtue
Good intentions
Driven by fear
And void
Of tolerance

Is the greatest test
Of your life's worth
And if from your
Moral high ground
You take it
Upon yourself
To label
Certain people
Of your compassion
Then that is a test
You will fail

Do not mistake
My silence
For indifference
My path
Is not yours
Your lies
Will never
Be my truth
Your intolerance
Will never
Be my way

If you weren't
So blind
With anger
You would see
That high ground
Which you
March upon
So proudly
Is about
To open up
And swallow
You claim to
Stand for

From my latest poetry collection, Left Waiting, available in eBook or paperback from Amazon.