We speak of rebirth

As the morning breaks around us

Something had to die before the dawn

Could take its hold on the frigid

Unforgiving taste of yesterday

It’s hard sometimes, most of the time

But we’ve worked things out this far

As I watch you from across the room

I’m taken back to the first time

Your eyes found something

Worth holding onto, in me

And now the years have brought us

To where we are today, holding on

By a thread of hope

That once again we can remember

Who that person is that somehow

Became a stranger to our eyes



      1. Even the great Pablo Neruda harped on specific themes and he won a Nobel in literature…

        I’ve been reading your book a little at a time. You can’t read a poetry book cover-to-cover. I enjoyed the one about the puppy on the sea shore a lot…

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      2. Thanks, I appreciate that you not only purchased it, but are also reading it. As I mentioned in the forward of that book, people who are willing to give me their time is humbling and I’m thankful for it.

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  1. The sadness in this is lilting, the hope of it living in the breath of the reading. It’s beautiful. Lines like this one “It’s hard sometimes, most of the time” are the kind of lines in poetry that are simple but give such pause, the kind of lines I love.

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  2. That speaks volumes! Sometimes we get lost along the way, and lose sight of the person we fell in love with as life gets in the way for one reason or another. There is always hope and then sometimes we look a little closer and we see that the person we fell in love with is still there. Not sure if I am making any sense but I think relationships can go through many stages. A beautiful poem!

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