Antiques & Curios Release Day!

Potter’s Grove Press is happy to announce the release of Antiques & Curios: Fragments of a Love Affair

a poetry collection by s.r. jakobi

Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered the eBook. Your support is appreciated. eBook and paperback available now!


    1. Hi Eric
      Thank you so much for the kind review you posted on Amazon and Good Reads. You made excellent points, esp. about it not corresponding to the current popular sad love poetry genre – I decided, as you point out, to make this a chronological narrative: although the while the main theme is of love and loss the poems explore them through references to culture, history, time and place. It is multidimensional if that is the correct word to use. I also like your cooking analogies -nice!
      Did you find the notes on the text at the end at all useful?


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    1. Hi Eric,
      If you are ever in Brum I’ll sign the copy- and buy you a pint or whatever you drink.
      I’m looking forward to reading your book. Between you and me I think I’m getting the hang of writing poetry: small steps.
      And a triple huzza for River, again.

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  1. For anyone who is remotely interested – poem 14 from my work in progress Excess Baggage set of poems (60 poems so far) – written as a follow on to Antiques & Curios

    Freddie Mercury had died,
    so it must have been just after the twenty-fourth
    of November, cold and wet late autumn,
    filled the petrol tank, some time
    together at last, though it was not an auspicious day,
    quiet, the death-knell
    stillness, then you said your mother liked Freddie,
    I was out of words,
    your mother appeared old, but not much more
    ancient than me, and she was
    fusty, from what you told me about her,
    I fell into a deeper silence

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