Would I

If I was given the gift, or curse

Of knowing this would be

Our last night together

That there would be no morning

No continuation of what we have

Would I do things differently

Would I stay up a little later

Hold you a little longer, tighter

Than I ever had before

Would I whisper the things

You’ve been longing to hear

As your breath warms my neck

Hand plays gently with your hair

Would I take the time to look

Into your eyes, held, locked

With the understanding that you

Are and always will be, everything to me

Would I be able to speak, to touch

To caress in ways that put your mind

At peace, to convince your very soul

How much I love you

Would I never roll over, never

Look away, never close my eyes

Would I finally do things right

And never let go of the beauty

That is you, the wonder, that is us


  1. Suddenly all the petty frustrations and the irritating minutiae of life fall away and the view is crystal clear. A beautiful and poignant reminder of what really matters in life, and that none of us knows what’s lurking around the corner. Make the most of every moment, because it may not last beyond the dawn. ❤

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  2. I burst into tears when I read this. Not sure why but — anyway! o.O? This is beautiful. It’s a letter every lover would love to get. Every heart would love to feel loved like this. Brilliant as always, River.

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  3. Fantastic!!! You don’t disappoint! —- My take on the subject itself as of now: It is the last night when you love, every single night. I say this because I am living it. I do not know how I deserved it, which is another story all together. But altogether in life, thinking of all the screw ups and irresponsible things I ever did and regret deeply: I would have not done a single thing differently. —— Fantastically written!Beautiful! Your work is incredibly inspiring to me, and I cherish that as something sacred; It does not happen to me often. ——- I know we do not ask for “ Takes on the Subject we write about!” Its art. That’s what you want to talk about: So again: Outstanding writing! Well above the work of everything I had read in quiet some time . I guess the last one was yours as well actually!

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    1. Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts. I appreciate when people tell me their interpretation of my work. Since technically, once it reaches the reader, it is no longer mine exclusively. Sometimes people’s thoughts help me to understand exactly what it was I was trying to say. Love is an amazing thing. It can be hard to recognize it when so many have spent so long without it.

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