If I was given the gift, or curse

Of knowing this would be

Our last night together

That there would be no morning

No continuation of what we have

Would I do things differently

Would I stay up a little later

Hold you a little longer, tighter

Than I ever had before

Would I whisper the things

You’ve been longing to hear

As your breath warms my neck

Hand plays gently with your hair

Would I take the time to look

Into your eyes, held, locked

With the understanding that you

Are and always will be, everything to me

Would I be able to speak, to touch

To caress in ways that put your mind

At peace, to convince your very soul

How much I love you

Would I never roll over, never

Look away, never close my eyes

Would I finally do things right

And never let go of the beauty

That is you, the wonder, that is us