Static Dreams vol 1 from Raw Earth Ink

Volume 1 of the Static Dreams Anthology is available from Raw Earth Ink.

Featuring nine twisted shorts from the following authors
  • A.P. Christopher
  • Robert Birkhofer
  • Agyani
  • Lou Rasmus
  • Braeden Michaels
  • Mark Ryan
  • M. Ennenbach
  • Tara Caribou
  • River Dixon


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on Amazon 

on Barnes and Noble


    1. Credit for this one is all Raw Earth Ink. I just submitted a story.

      As far as me, Mike’s poetry collection comes out next month. We are going through lots of submissions, trying to get the next releases lined up. Ideally, Potters Grove Press will be releasing a new book every couple of months. Plus, I’m still working on my own poetry, writing stories, all that stuff.

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      1. Oh, no, this is from a different publisher. Mine is Potter’s Grove Press. This is Raw Earth Ink, run by Tara Caribou (who is an amazing writer). You should check out her blog if you don’t already follow it.

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    1. I really missed Lou too and had sent him a note here and there (he’s on Instagram)… so I actually asked him to write for the anthology and was so happy when he said yes. His book, Dead Red Fish, is available on Amazon though.

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      1. No, Lou does not blog anymore. He’s on and off over on Instagram. He’s got two books out though, both really good. I sure miss him though. I email him now and again just to touch base and let him know the blogging community misses him.

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