Hide & Seek

I can’t remember
How many days it’s been
Lost in these hours
Through deep exhale
The crisp autumn air
Burns cold
With each inhale
There’s so much more
I can’t remember
But I do know
How much I miss
The fallen leaves
Midnight bike rides
The old church
Where I would hide
And smoke
But hiding from what
Was I really hiding
If nobody is seeking
They never noticed
The rocks
In my pocket
At passing trains
Even then
My first impulse
Was to lay down
Across the tracks
To catch a glimpse
If only for a moment
Of what waits
On the other side of this
It’s only a matter of time
Till they come out, come out
From wherever they are
But I’ll be safe
In these spaces between
Where no one
Can find me

From my poetry collection, Left Waiting, available at Amazon.


      1. I remembered the sage advice of our friend Rita, and danced like a mad woman around my house yesterday…..and I felt better. Sometimes it lasts a day, sometimes a year……I have learned to just roll with it. I am super thankful for writers like you who inspire me and lift me up and get me writing again!!!

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  1. Poignant! Very clever and wonderfully written. Two parts stood out to me the most:
    “Was I really hiding
    If nobody is seeking
    They never noticed”


    “But I’ll be safe
    in these spaces between
    where no one
    can find me.”

    Masterful. ~Kelsey 😊

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  2. A relatable theme, that of hiding out. I liked this.
    These are the lines that resonated most with me,
    “It’s only a matter of time
    Till they come out, come out
    From wherever they are
    But I’ll be safe
    In these spaces between.”
    I like the reference to the childhood game of hide-n-seek and being safe between the spaces.

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  3. Absolutely perfect, as I expect nothing less from you. I can relate to so much of this (in my own way), it’s a bit ridiculous really but that just makes it all the better. I’d like to go on and on, but I think I’ll just leave it at: excellent and I really love this.

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  4. Oh geez dude. You totally forgot to look for me and you want me to find you? Did you look in your pocket? I was hiding in there the whole time. I’m the wocket socket sprocket. I shifted from tree to stone in order to hide from the fires and men who just wanted everything of me to burn.
    Get off the tracks and DISSENT DISSENT DISSENT. Throw my rocks at their faces, I will break upon their cliffs like the water wall and falls. The jewels of the crown are inside, you just have to crack open the right geode (if it is treasure you wish to find?)

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      1. When we moved to Az 21 years ago, we started in Cottonwood. We quickly realized most of the work was in Phoenix, so we moved down to the heat and 3 days later, had jobs. Lol- that was something.

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  5. I so appreciate that no matter how many times I change my name, leave and return, you and your consistently-amazing writing are always here. Love seeing your face and “name” now and seemingly more in depth comment discussion, too. I think I’m fnally settling into myself after a lots-of-trials-and-lots-of-errors year in my debut as a writer. I’ve been a major fan of your writing all along the way. Thank you for using your gifts.


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