I’ll put it away now, for later, maybe

Crudely wrapped in blue smoke and

Pounding fists, squinting eyes, ripped pages

Thankful for the occasional flicker that drips

Like morphine at the back of my mind

Dead, before it hits the ground

No time for this world or your world

But I’ll try and remember to nod and smile

At the passing faces, greetings and salutations

But don’t shake my hand, I don’t want to get that close

They scare me, you see

In and out, over and under, doing what they do

For whatever reason they have to

I try not to judge, but man, it’s hard

I don’t understand them

And they don’t understand me

Not that they’d be bothered to try

Can’t blame them though, who wants to get stuck

Out in this rain, soaked to the bone, shivering

Damn, maybe I do understand, maybe

They’re just like me, busy packing things away

Turning a blind eye to those flickering thoughts

At the back of your mind, that cause you to question

Everything and nothing all at once