Free Books!

We saw some other publishers doing this and thought it was a great idea. Since a lot of people are self-quarantined or hard-quarantined, we’re offering some of our titles for free to help pass the time.

The free eBook offer will last from 03/18 – 03/21.

The links I’m including in this post are for but they are all available for free across all Amazon marketplaces. I don’t want to clog up this post by including thirteen different links for each book. Simply go to whatever Amazon marketplace you shop from and search the title. Easy!

Take care of yourselves out there.


    1. Hi Eric
      I have left a review on Amazon – great book of poems – from 3000 miles plus away from the fairgrounds of the USA, I can immerse myself in an American way of life.

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  1. What a lovely gesture, River, and one which many will really appreciate. I certainly will, and I can’t wait to get stuck into The Stories in Between! It’ll help while I’m stuck at home with two kids at home owing to school closures. Strange times indeed. Thank you for your generosity, and please keep well. All the very best to you and yours, River. ❤

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  2. “Hope itself is like a star – not to be seen in the sunshine of prosperity, and only to be discovered in the night of adversity.” ~ Charles Haddon Spurgeon

    Spread kindness to this cold and frozen world River. May you always Flow and flow to all corners of this world.

    Bless you.

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  3. Hi
    I would like to thank everyone who bought the book, downloaded the digital version of Antiques & Curios: Fragments of a Love Affair – if anyone wants to leave a comment I’d be grateful. And get it for free to read for a few days –
    and keep safe!!
    Steve ( sr jakobi)

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