I Understand Goodbye

I see now my failures

Your hand, it slips away

No longer seeking mine

Through times of darkness

Times of understanding

The times we shared

I never heard your cries

Beating your head against

My wall, day after day

Tears, dried and gone, before

I recognized your eyes, wandering

To places I’ve never been

Roads I’ve never followed

Hardened through indifference

As my failures surround and

Descend upon me, you offer

A wave, and I find comfort

In knowing at least, you still

Care enough to say goodbye


  1. In the end of relationships I try to remember the beginning. It’s nostalgia and it seems better than it actually was unless I learned the lesson I was supposed to learn and then when I remember the lesson I remember why it ended…

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      1. 😉 There is a song that says there is more room in a broken heart…💔 Hopefully more room to grow, to learn and to welcome the next person that crosses our path…love your poetry~
        peace out River;-)

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      1. No, thank you because I now have super amazing stuffs to read. You make me want to write more as well ♥️

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