Give Way

It’s strange sometimes

The distance, space

Around us

How it gives way

As we all move

In different directions

Here and there

Back and forth

But always within

The confines

Of what we know

Do we dare

Break these lines

Step out

Into something

We may not


To taste

A life free

Of this need

For structure



give way


  1. To me, the only way to do this is to give yourself up to a Higher Power, even if you can’t see it. Without doing this any time we try to do what you’re proposing, we are still us, our egos, our pasts and trajectories, our likes and fears. It’s like a losing yourself (for God) to find it kind of thing.

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  2. Letting go, walking away and moving forward are impossibly hard things to do. Doing the right thing is hard, staying put is easy, possibly more painful though. Another terrific poem, they’re all terrific, Stories! Have a good evening. ~ Mia

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  3. Excellent thought. We go in so many directions and yet stay confined without daring to go beyond or in a different direction. Reminds me of my tree post when I saw the various branches going in so many directions, daring to stretch themselves beyond. Thanks.

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  4. Another characteristic stunner, River. It’s all about a leap of faith, and I’m all for that. Otherwise, you’ll always be looking over your shoulder and wondering, what if? The brave will discover what waits beyond. Great stuff, as always. 🙂

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  5. Conformity can be comfortable, not perfect but a relaxed piece of mind… the mere fact of not knowing what’s behind a closed door… or down that winding road can literally cause a panic attack for some. I believe that’s why some folks need to be made uncomfortable to grow.Some see the glass half empty, some see it half full. Destiny will intervene… wonderful poem by the way.

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  6. The conforming one is particularly tricky at the moment, especially as our freedom to do what we choose has been severely impaired. I guess, at some point, we have to weigh up the risks. I see in your comments that you wrote this some time ago, before this crazy situation began. It’s great when writing has lots of layers of meaning. 🙂

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