On Time

Baby steps, that’s what they say

Every journey begins with a single step

But you damn well better make sure

That step isn’t off a curb

In front of a city bus

I’ve seen the way those bastards drive

They don’t stop for nothing

Got a schedule to keep, they do

Unless it’s your lucky day and

You only get hemmed up in the

Bike rack, and it just so happens

That bus is going exactly where

You need to be

And if that’s the case, then by all means

Keep on stepping, my friend


  1. You’re right, River, ‘they don’t stop for nothing’. I’ve lost count of the number of times they’ve pulled out in front of me as if I’m not there, or I’m invisible. It’s all about the schedule, that’s true. Big, rattling, scary things that I avoid at all costs. Great poem. 🙂

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  2. I got a chuckle out of the way this ended. I don’t know if you intentionally mean to be funny, but in my imagination you aren’t intentional about it and it makes it all the more funny! If we could only be so lucky to have our misfortunes end up like that 😉

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      1. Lol!! Even this comment made me laugh. Your poems explore the darker side of life but I sense strong currents of humor underneath all that mysterious dark exterior. I like it 😊

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  3. I haven’t taken a bus in years, but I’ve been on many a subway platform as that train hurtles in, and I know the sensation of wind on my face that signals that potentially deadly arrival!

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