The glory of the passing
Shared among the weak
Claimed by the strong
Hold it up with pride
Bear witness to this
Ignore as my mouth fills
With the sickness
For this is not
For the easily offended

If you can stomach this
I applaud you
Few can
Fewer are willing
To tear out
The sacrificial insides
Strewn about
Hung like fine linen
Draped over mouths
Which were already silent
To begin with

You've got your darkness
We all do
But this is something new
You've never heard
Screams like these
Never seen anything
This empty
You have to step in it
To know it's there
On the other 
Side of this
Your redemption

Don't bother trying 
To understand 
I smell your fear 
Stoke your trepidation 
Strip you 
Of that blind faith 
You hold so dear 
You're ready for this 
And I promise you 
You'll never be 
The same