Can you remember a time

When all these pieces fit

It wasn’t that long ago

It seems

We started at the edge

Worked our way around

There was a lot of blue

In that sky

You’d think that would

Make things easier

But not always

We’d turn and turn

Each piece, until

Ready to give up

But then, finally

We found its place

Perfectly fitting in

Among the others

We worked with those


For so many years

Always coming back


To make things fit

Our way

As time went on

We failed to notice

As some of the pieces

Changed shape

Others went missing

We started to cut

Bend, manipulate

The pieces

At times, forcing

Them into place

We found it easier

To work alone

Believing, that separately

We would end

At the same place

But now, as I step back

And look down

At our creation

It is clear

That neither of us

Were ever looking

At the same