Pieces Fit

Can you remember a time

When all these pieces fit

It wasn’t that long ago

It seems

We started at the edge

Worked our way around

There was a lot of blue

In that sky

You’d think that would

Make things easier

But not always

We’d turn and turn

Each piece, until

Ready to give up

But then, finally

We found its place

Perfectly fitting in

Among the others

We worked with those


For so many years

Always coming back


To make things fit

Our way

As time went on

We failed to notice

As some of the pieces

Changed shape

Others went missing

We started to cut

Bend, manipulate

The pieces

At times, forcing

Them into place

We found it easier

To work alone

Believing, that separately

We would end

At the same place

But now, as I step back

And look down

At our creation

It is clear

That neither of us

Were ever looking

At the same



  1. This gave me chills. It’s such a perfect metaphor for something I’m going through right now. You keep doing that. Reaching into my heart and putting my feelings into words. I always know it’s not about me. But that’s the beauty of your poetry. It’s about all of us. Thank you, River.

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    1. Thank you. On a side note, I have followed your blog for some time but noticed a month or so ago that I was no longer following you. I’ve tried to re-follow a number of times but I get an error message. So, since you are no longer in my feed, I have to try and remember to check in on your blog from time to time. So, I apologize if I miss some of your posts, I enjoy your work.

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  2. Brilliant, River, utterly brilliant. What a searingly perceptive look at how a relationship can begin so well with so much hope and expectation, but with the perfect metaphor of the aged jigsaw, we see it gradually falls apart and never quite gets there in the end. I love the final line when the couple realise they’ve never even been seeing the same picture in the first place. So many people will, and clearly do, identify with this. Wonderful.

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  3. Wow. Just wow. You gave the perception of teamwork at the beginning, just a couple of kids cheating at the game. It made me fall in love with the two, happy for them, like they could cheat anything. Yet, they were unable to create anything withstanding in their craftiness. Well done, River.

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  4. ✦We go through life in search of pieces to our puzzles to connect, but often the sad surprise is understanding that some puzzles will never be complete and acceptance that others were never destined to become the pretty scene on the outside of the box… this bittersweet journey you created surprised my senses and at the end I sighed… ✦ Ty River

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  5. You are right and I love the way you put it: ” That neither of us/ Were ever looking/ At the same/ Picture”. We all are different and our relationships are seen differently even from inside.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful poems!

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