Hypocrite – An Autobiography

Shrug with false dignity

Virtues signaled

Calculating fractions

Of what is left

Pinpoint the point

Within the point

I’m trying to make

Pretentious as hell

With my poetic license

A tin-can philosopher

Of little note

Weaver of words

Offering up shallow


Commentary, judgment

Of the world around me

Too self-indulgent

To see

I, like the others

Haven’t a clue

What the hell

I’m talking about


  1. Your poem makes me laugh. I think you know but wonder why and if so I do
    so understand.
    Do we all write to try to get things clear within ourselves?.Or because we feel
    we have need to convey a truth?

    You keep writing, it is great


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      1. Sure! Would you like some salsa or guacamole to go with it, as we pontificate on depression, abuse, global warming, politics etc.
        But all said and done, I am here because I love poetry and enjoy the chance to engage with other bloggers and have no illusions about self.

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      1. I have that relationship with words too, at times they can be so easy to form and at times I am really speechless. Sharing words is a very important part of human connection. Like sharing memories.

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  2. Insightful poem – many artists can relate, myself included 🤣 But what fun is there in “knowing it all” anyway? Stay curious my friend, the world is filled with mystery ! … can you pass me some guacamole 😁

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  3. Great poem! It’s an issue that I am very interested in.

    btw; I wrote an Op-Ed called “NannyGate: Justin Trudeau – The Hypocrite”

    Minor edit: I’m almost certain “tin can” should be “tin-can”

    “Generally, hyphenate two or more words when they come before a noun they modify and act as a single idea. This is called a compound adjective.” https://www.grammarbook.com/punctuation/hyphens.asp

    I wonder if “trying to be” would be better than “trying to make”

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    1. I read your article, very interesting. A politician who is a hypocrite, who would have thought? ‘Rules for thee but not for me.’

      Thank you for the grammer check, I appreciate that. I also had pinpoint written as “pin point.” I could certainly benefit from spending a bit more time editing.

      “Trying to be” does fit well, I will consider that. Thanks.

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  4. 😏😜🙃🧐
    Hmm, I do believe I understand prose better than I understand emoji! Emoji is the prose of the young and present. My niece is always sending me emoji, so I finally sent some back to her. I really thought about whatI was saying with them. She replied, “What the hell does that mean?”
    I know what your prose means, and I like it!!!!!

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  5. Love this one! I wrote something somewhat similar awhile back, after realising how all of my “poetry” and “profundity” is simply the ramblings of a pompous, arrogant ass who thinks his thoughts are more worthy of sharing than others’.

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