The Best Medicine

I always find
The humor in things
Otherwise, the world
Would have consumed
Me long ago

Trust me
I’ve seen them
All of them
Paralyzed in
Their suffering
Felt them
In every fiber
Of my being

Jokes at a funeral
Cracking against
Scowling, judgmental
Stares, gaping mouths
Shocked by perceived
Callous indifference

But their outward
Projections, are not
The only means
To grieve
Some of us
Are not so
In our
Absorption of
The world

Outward appearances
Cannot define
The beast
Tearing apart
The shattering
Slowly, dying

So, cling to your
Narrow outlook
And I will
Continue to laugh
As the world
Burns, and
The fragments
Inside of me
Scrape and clank
Tear and puncture
With every
I force myself
To take


  1. Brilliant, River. Me too. I’ll often find humour in the darkest of situations – it’s a good device for coping. I absolutely love ‘I will continue to laugh as the world burns’. Couldn’t have put it better myself.

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  2. Beautiful. And I can so relate. And thank you for your support of my blog. Since dumping social media – twitter, facebook, instagram, I’ve lost some advertisement of posts. But I feel much better without so many distractions. Thank you and carry on. Be well.

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