I have never before publicly shared reviews of my work. I see a lot of writers do it and honestly, it feels somewhat pretentious to me. Nothing against anyone who does that sort of thing, but it’s just how I feel personally. But when I came across these two reviews of my latest novella, The Smell of Cedar, I was fascinated by the opposing reactions. Furthermore, I do not know either of these people, so for this to happen organically, makes me quite happy. I will admit, this is exactly the type of polarity I strive for as a writer.

Towards the end of this book I will be honest I had to skim read certain parts just to make sure I could sleep that night and also not throw up. I will say that this book has probably upset me more than any other book I have read. I can’t even say I recommend it and that does not often happen and I always try to find a positive with a book and give it a chance. The book was well written and does hook you in but it really was not my cup of tea and I wish to forget it as soon as possible.

Whoa! Seriously, what a ride. The author has done something great here. There is a perfect mix of slow-burn-haunting and vile-horror. So beautifully written, that it lulls you into a sense of rhythm that increases without you being aware, until your heart is pounding faster and then you realize you’re reading with your eyes wide and mouth agape. I mean, at least I did. Highly recommend.

If you are a seasonal reader, October may be the perfect month for you to read The Smell of Cedar. While I don’t consider it horror, there are some scenes that some may consider horrific. In the feedback I’ve gotten from readers, it has been described as dark, horror, extreme, psychological, and a dash of bizarro. If you want a safe, feel-good read, then this is definitely not for you. If you aren’t afraid to have your sensibilities challenged a bit, consider giving it a try.

Thank you to everyone who has already purchased a copy, your support is appreciated more than you will ever know.