Are We There Yet

On a dull return from somewhere

I found myself enveloped in a lengthy discussion

Bordering on debate, as to the truth behind

The coveted emerald curtain

Emboldened by my own self-righteous

Contemplations excised from years of wandering

I set forth, feet firmly planted

On the slippery slope of the high ground

Balancing the even higher horse I am

Prepared to climb upon at a moment’s notice

A verbal assault of regurgitated nonsensical proverbial

Bile, fed to us by the self-proclaimed intellectuals

Screaming down a winding road, choking and blinding

The drinkers of the poisoned well, before coming

To rest at the bottom, adding to the heaping pile of shit

That we are all inevitably barreling toward


  1. This is why I’ve given up trying to hit people with the woke stick – all it does is create resentment and cause people to become further entrenched in their beliefs. Hopefully people will be able to move on after 45’s term is over and rediscover some sort of unity.


  2. great one! ☕️📚😍 btw, I wanted to ask the name of the city where you are living, its for the ending of my book. I’m planning to put you there, as a writer, if you don’t mind… I mean like a real person my heroes met 😂

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      1. I’m not an infectious disease expert, but I do manufacture pharmaceuticals and I am expert enough at that to say the new vaccines are SO FUCKING COOL. Also that FDA approval is serious stuff (have to deal with them in the industry, so I know it’s intense), and I would trust their stamp of approval.

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  3. Only those who had managed to shed the layers of veils within their minds through extreme disillusionment can rise above the propaganda machinery of the intellectuals, experts and philosophers.

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      1. It’s the cyber war of misinformation waged against the unthinking people who are vulnerable to brainwashing mechanism. It’s easy to manipulate the way people perceive the world because they are dependent upon the artificial stimuli fed into their subconscious mind.

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