Potter’s Grove Press is happy to announce the release of the second book in Stephen Black’s critically acclaimed Irish, urban fantasy series, The Kirkwood Scott Chronicles.

Available in eBook and paperback

Fresh from defeating Colonel Augustus Skelly and his Napoleonic ghost soldiers on the bridge at Ardgallon, Kirkwood, and his misfit friends, Meredith Starc and Harley Davison, now face a new threat from Skelly and his demonic paymasters, the Scourge. When Skelly captures Harley and imprisons her on his hellish plane, Kirkwood and Meredith, aided by the mysterious Forsaken, face a desperate race to rescue her and reunite the Presence, the only force capable of stopping Skelly and the Scourge from destroying the planet.

Their journey takes them to Belfast 2099, where law and order have all but broken down, as rival street gangs fight a brutal turf war for control of the city. Chief amongst these is a mysterious cult led by a beautiful but brutal woman, known only as the Priestess, who seeks to establish a New Jerusalem on Earth. Kirkwood and Meredith struggle to stay one step ahead of her and her fanatical followers while struggling to unlock the key to defeating Skelly and saving Harley.

‘The Kirkwood Scott Chronicles: A New Jerusalem’ is the latest instalment in the supernatural fantasy series, which began with the highly acclaimed, ‘Skelly’s Square.’ Tackling hard-hitting themes such as addiction, mental illness, and disability against a supernatural backdrop, it guarantees the reader a frenetic and darkly humorous ride where nothing and nobody is quite as they seem.