The Sense in Things

i was in a hurry once

but not anymore

not since that time

i tried to make

sense of things

rolling it between

my fingers, examined

closely for an edge

a seam, the tiniest

of cracks, is it

possible there is

no way to access

the inside, no corner

to make purchase

it’s heavier

than i remember

requiring both hands

to hoist toward

the sun, catching

a glint of light in

the opposite direction

from where i stand

if i didn’t know

any better, i would

swear i recognized

the transference of self

into the surrounding

spaces, then rejected

back at me, understanding

that not only am i

not welcome here

but have been

sentenced to watch

from the outside in

unable to grasp

the contradicting

futility and prospect

of what i hold

in my hands

a sliver of faith

all that remains

and at the same time

all that’s required

to one day, finally

make sense of things


  1. Beautifully crafted, as always, River. I love ‘sliver of faith’, and the idea that it may be all that remains but also all we need to one day see the light. For me, making sense of things seems is a light at the end of a very long tunnel this year, though, so I’ll keep a tight hold on that sliver of faith! 🙂

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      1. you don’t have to do that….accomplishments are your milestone. instead of small indie publishing it’s indie publishing. instead of small pic just pic..i think its huge that you publish and still have much drive to travel and write and publish.

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  2. Sometimes all we have is “a sliver of faith” to keep the flame burning bright within us. I can feel you, like you, I had slowed down and looking for tiniest clues hidden within the vast fabric of existence in order to recapture the missing pieces…

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