Remind Me Again, Why

At the point of diminished returns

Is where I found myself this morning

Thunderstruck by the passing of years

Pulverization of time beneath the wheels

Of speeding hours, out of control

Never slowing or stopping, neglecting

To smell the roses or to take a piss

Something, somebody once gave me

Swings here and there from the rear-view

Ashtray spilling change I’ll never spend

Hanging ash from the non-filter, blue smoke

Patterns the thigh of my outdated cargo pants

But damn, they’re still comfortable, after all

And I’m no quitter, lungs filled, exhaled

Coffee cups emptied of their last, bitter

Cold swallows, tossed from a window

Cracked just enough to shove it through

Indifferent to the things I’ve left scattered

Along the way, self-absorbed with a self

Too selfish to recognize the lack of worth

I’ve drug behind me through these years

The radio screams within me, igniting

The nostalgia and angst I clung to, always

But it was then, and always has been, bullshit

White-knuckled, at the top of my lungs

Voice cracking as the tears give reminder

That I cannot go on like this forever


  1. Seek and find self-love, just don’t ask me how…and when you do, write about that and teach me. 😉

    So I wrote this comment without thinking. Just hurled it out because that was on the tip of my tongue.

    Anyway… ❤️from 🇨🇦

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  2. i love it… that bit about “pulverization of time under the wheels” – just great 👍
    btw, you should send your poems to international competitions. don’t know how it works, but it might give your poems more exposure

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