Mother Maggot by Simon McHardy

Available now in eBook and paperback from Potter’s Grove Press is the highly-controversial, formerly banned Mother Maggot by Simon McHardy.

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After a fried-chicken-fueled sex romp, Eddie embarks on a perverted odyssey. Murder, torture, geriatrics, bugs, and big, beautiful women all fail to satisfy until he meets the Maggot Mother—a nymphomaniac, cannibal, human-maggot hybrid with a sweet side. As the calories and corpses pile up, a beautiful cop with her own dark sexual perversions is hot on Eddie’s trail. What will be the end result when their depraved worlds finally collide?

This book contains graphic content and adult language. It may disturb some readers and should only be read by seasoned readers of extreme sexual horror and violence.

*I understand that the majority of my blog readers probably are not interested in reading this type of book, but it is important that we stand against corporate censorship. We, as individuals, need to protect our right to make decisions for ourselves, and not allow that power to be taken by corporate or government entities.


      1. Good for you! I sure felt his pride, particularly when I got in trouble in middle school for calling my social studies teacher a dumbass. I miss him constantly as you know.

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  1. Yeah! Good post, my friend, especially in these times of BigTech censorship. Censorship, whether by Big Government, Big Tech or by the local library is the ultimate weapon against freedom of the populace, not to mention an arrogant and self righteous insult to individual intelligence. Censorship should be a criminal offense — you cancel us, we cancel you right back.

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