I Don’t

I don’t openly discuss politics on this blog. As a matter of fact, if you interpret this post as political, then that is a direct reflection of what is wrong in our society.

You are being lied to.

I understand it is difficult to separate yourself from “your side” but that is the only way we find a path out of this disaster we have created. The blame is only on ourselves. This is our doing, we allowed it to happen. Stop pointing fingers.

Everyone is lying to you.

We are all useful idiots for the 1%. What we are doing to each other is exactly what they want.

Stop. Take a step back. Open your eyes and ears. The politicians, the corporations hate you. There is not a single one who is acting in your best interest. YOU have the power, and they fear that.

Let them be afraid once again.

end of transmission . . .


    1. They can only keep the rabble complacent by maintaining the illusion that the rules of the game are fair. People are waking up. The game is rigged, and always has been. They want people like you and me (the rabble) holding lines opposite one another, pointing guns in each other’s faces. Fuck them, I’m not gonna do it.

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  1. Human constructs are so deeply embedded in processes that will serve us no longer, if they ever fully did, and ‘we’ can’t get our minds far enough out of them to find the peace. The peace Thats is ours for the taking.
    Step back, step out and step over.

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      1. I hold faith because I know there are a lot of good, caring people in the world. It’s just that they’re fucking tired, distracted, weighed down . . . Lost. You are right, it will take a collective movement, but there is no group without the individuals that comprise it. Hopefully, we’ll begin to see a jumpstart in the individuals willingness to stand up. I really believe most people actually do give a shit, I just don’t think they know what to do.

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      1. Contrary to what a lot of people seem to believe, I don’t think it would take a violent revolution. I believe it is as simple as saying the word “no.” If enough people simply stood up, together, and refused to comply, there is nothing the powers-that-be could do other than buckle under the weight of our defiance.

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      2. I totally agree, and Imknow there are quite large groups in our country who have done just that. I don’t know enough about the States to know all of what is going on there. I know that I myself have said “no” to things and just wish that more would join us. It’s all very interesting River. A good subject to open up

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    1. I’m not under the presumption that my thoughts on anything matter much to anyone other than myself, but I suppose it’s good to let my position be known during times like these when speaking against the accepted narrative is grounds for being silenced.

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  2. There is nothing as chilling to a demigods ears then the question why? Repeated oft enough by a discerning and intelligent bunch of people – it becomes a roar, especially as people begin to answer those questions themselves. I wish people were not so sedated by toxic consumption and distracted by the storyline that we need to compete to get ahead. Ahead of what? And what are we running towards? In the end we each run on invisible wheels to nowhere and then we die. While we stay on the wheels we are harmless but when we step off the wheel and begin to question – everything shifts.

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  3. You nailed it, River. I am not one to shy away from discussions on politics, religion, or so-called “conspiracy theories”. Intelligent discussion/debate and true, thinking people is what we need more of. I could care less what the talking heads want anyone to believe.

    Sadly, I find fewer and fewer folks to have real meaningful discussions with, what with programming, desensitization, and cancel culture all the rage.

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    1. I’m on the inside of the middle of the center of the right part of the left upper crest mid-radius from the epicenter of the fifth merged level of discarded consciousness. That is where you’ll find me. Occasionally.

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  4. Any notions of servant leadership are long replaced by power-grabbing, positioning, command and control in UK. Anyone attempting to lead with tools of empathy, awareness, collaboration, or caring are dismissed as weak and ‘virtue-signalling’.

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    1. I no longer even trust the leaders who claim to be in line with the things I believe in. I can’t speak for the UK, but here in the states they are all full of shit. It’s manipulative lip service to gain votes and power. And it seems to me, the ones who speak the loudest with “compassionate” tongues, are the biggest hippocrites.

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  5. Someone once said, ‘ why do you vote them in when they’re all there for themselves?’ I didn’t understand it then, but I do now, yet, like a woman who after vowing to go nowhere close to any man ever again when child bearing felt like hell and who goes ahead to get pregnant again in no time, I tend to be hypnotised by the hope that there must be someone – an exception who would make everything right again. The immortality of this hope is the main problem I face.

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  6. Absolutely true. The politicians, corporations and the unnamed “anonymous” individuals work hand in hand to destroy our minds and bodies. It’s easy to be labelled as the “conspiracy theorist” but for those who are willing to break free from what they’re programmed to believe, they’ll find out the truth.

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