Release Day! A Declaration of Our Rippling Days by Eric Keegan

Potter’s Grove Press is happy to announce the release of – A Declaration of Our Rippling Days by Eric Keegan. Available in eBook and paperback.

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Our days roll onward like an oceanic tide, mirroring the ever-moving human element that defines precisely who we are. During the more trying moments, we feel as if we’re surging out to sea without a floatation device. When grandeur and enlightenment take a prominent position within our worlds, we drift back towards the shore and find relief in the wavering sands. A Declaration of Our Rippling Days is a poetry collection that will guide the reader through these ebbs and flows while taking them on a journey from furrowed emotional lows to breathtakingly inspired summits.


  1. If there’s a ‘cover of the year’ award out there this has got to be a contender – this evokes the style Raynor Winn’s best-selling debut ‘The Salt Path’ – a book that set me on the path of buying paperbacks again – ‘ A Declaration Of Our Rippling Days’ will join them – I’ll read it too!

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