Couldn’t Sleep

there is something all

around me, foreign, but

at the same time familiar

i’ve seen this place before

perhaps in a dream, maybe

through fluttering eyes as

the world blinks into focus

and the possibilities dance

on broken legs

i don’t know

come to think of it

probably not a dream

maybe i read it somewhere

the back of a magazine

selling me which way to go

and what to wear when i

get there

or maybe, it was a dream

although unlikely

because i don’t dream

that often, don’t dare to

because i know better, or so

i thought, because all I

ever seem to do

is die in my dreams, while

waiting for the eventual

turning into nightmare


      1. It doesn’t have to be online. Just note them down someplace or in a word doc or something. Email yourself… But if you write without thinking about grammar etc you’ll find all sorts of musing ideas conceptualize. Some of mine are present in my pseudonym blog. Just sayin’… 😉

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