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Steve Denehan lives in Kildare, Ireland with his wife Eimear and daughter Robin. He is the author of two chapbooks and two collections. Two-time winner of Irish Times’ New Irish Writing, his numerous publication credits include Poetry Ireland Review, Acumen, Westerly, and Into The Void. He has been nominated for Best of the Net, Best New Poet, and has been twice nominated for The Pushcart Prize.

A Rainy Night on Wexford Street, Dublin

I sit in a Dublin café amongst other stragglers

it is cold

it is rainy

condensation beads on the windowpane

droplets snake down and puddle on the tabletop

I pierce meniscuses with a toothpick

there is a bang outside

not too loud

but loud enough for everyone inside

to turn, to look

one car has driven into the back of another

several perfect moments of utter stillness drip by

before the car doors open

a man emerges from the first

a woman from the second

the man points his finger at her

I hear him fling words

the woman puts her hands on her head

starts to cry

I look away

to see what Dublin makes of it all

some people stare

most just walk on by

heads down

earphones in

it takes less than one half minute

for the backed-up traffic horns

to start to blare

when I look back

they are standing beside their jigsawed cars

he is holding her in his arms

she is heaving with sobs

I see puddles ripple with neon

and understand that the streets

like flowers

come alive in the rain