Bread and Circus

there’s a reckoning coming

birthed by the hand of man

that will shatter the brittle

foundation on which

we stand, foretold

by false, celluloid

prophets, driven by

the profits of division

eradication of what we once

held as true, we fall

as one, death, the great

equalizer, equity found

in the ashes and rotting

flesh of all colors and beliefs


  1. I could sense a multilayered message behind this…it sounds like an omen, the apocalypse, the great war, divisiveness, of falsehood triumphing over humanity.

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  2. Oh, River! I love this for the beauty of your composition and the flow of the words. Horror hip-hop as the first commenter said is a perfect description. But I have to say, may it NOT be. =) ♥.

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