Store is Open!

The Potter’s Grove Press store is open for business. Our titles are available to purchase directly from us in eBook and paperback. Buying from us instead of from Amazon or another of the big online dealers enables the author and us to retain a larger profit from sales. So, if you want to show more support to indie authors and publishers, buying direct is a great way to do it.

eBooks are available in three different formats: MOBI (Kindle), ePUB, and PDF. This enables people to read our books on a variety of devices and apps as opposed to being limited to Kindle, which previously was the only option. We have a page, here, giving some guidance on what to do with the eBook file once you have purchased and downloaded.

We’re still building up our paperback inventory but we have most titles in stock. Unfortunately, at this time, we are only shipping paperbacks within the United States. We’re working on trying to come up with an option for international shipping that is reasonable for both us and the customer, but it is difficult to make it affordable. We offer free shipping on all orders within the US.

We have a few exclusive eBooks which are only available through us and we will be adding more exclusives in the near future.

We have done extensive testing of the site to work out all the bugs, but I’m sure there will be something that didn’t come up during testing. If you run into any issues while using the site, please contact us and let us know.

Thank you all for your continued support.


  1. Awesome, River. It’s a great idea, one I’ve considered for myself yet haven’t done as of yet. The store looked good when I was in and was easy to use/navigate. I’d much rather purchase direct from source than Amazon any day (anyone who knows me, knows I despise Amazon lol). Will any of the books be signed versions from the store? Or do we still go directly to the author for those?

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    1. Thanks, Tara. As of right now, the only signed copies available are my books. I’d like to do it with the other authors, but the expense of shipping them back and forth doesn’t seem practical. Especially considering I have a few authors outside of the US. I’ve thought about doing book plates, though. It’s on my list,of things to consider.

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      1. Yes! That’s also an idea I had considered. You do a lot more business than I do, so I imagine it would be better received than as small of a company as mine. But I think it’s an intriguing idea. Always a growing/learning process. I also think (in my opinion) that it’s a good idea to keep the author in the loop, with them being able to send personalized copies to fans, if they’d like. I know it’s more important to some people than others 🤷🏼‍♀️

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    1. We work with authors all over the globe selling their books thru Amazon and other online stores. It’s just our particular store that isn’t shipping outside of the US right now.


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