Meet me by the tree, the one from my youth
Days spent climbing, swinging, longing, dreaming
Yellow Jackets and an occasional sting
Long summer days that never seem to end
Fireflies dancing, leading my way home
Bike rides and paper route
I kissed someone once, for the first time
I wonder if she remembers me
Cornfields on one side, apple trees on the other
I never liked baseball, but played anyway
Because that’s what we did back then
With summer days
Down by the river, the current took its toll
Those black waters could swallow anything
Including that moment, the last of my innocence
Sure, there were more days, but it wasn’t the same
The fields burned, the trees bore blackened fruit
Someone stole my bike, days grew shorter
And that tree, now looks so small
No need to climb anymore, I could reach up
Touch the top if I wanted to
But can’t think of a single reason
Why I should