Possibility of Existence

In deciding whether to maintain

Or shatter the monotony

I realize my underlying

Fixation with lines

A love affair, really

Tracing, connecting, standing in

Where would I be, for not

The linear encampment of routine

Under, over, around, through

Thin, thick, long, short

The straight and narrow

Illusions of opportunity

Shielded by the promise

Of a possible finish

Somewhere, eventually

Or a return to the start

A new beginning, the chance

To try again, maybe take

The time to step in between

The lines, crossing axis

Running parallel, or intersecting

With lines not so different

From my own


  1. I am probably totally off the mark, but I feel a sense of peace in this; perhaps it is my own longing for routine, for structure, to see the lines. Your poetry always makes me think, River, gives me perspective. Thank you.

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