This is Yours

if on your knees

you find yourself

bowing head, hands behind

your back, begging mercy

from the boots that march

trampling those left standing

who dare to not crumble

under the illusion of

their authority, remember

it is your obedience

that gives them the key

to the ivory tower

your bloody knees mean

nothing to them, it is

never enough, submission

breeds only the need

for more compliance

and you will live out

the rest of your days

groveling in the rubble

until they decide it’s

time to bury you

along with the rest


  1. in the totalitarian context the first trade off is free
    once conditioned, the subjected must create a new reality in the mind….continually reconciling their prison as a desired end


  2. For the first time since it all began…I feel my own compliance looming. I feel there’s no way out. We are boxed in. ‘no. not me’, is becoming ‘…just take me. I’m tired of resisting’

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  3. Yes, timely sentiment, River. I would agree with the title – “This is Yours” and it’s theirs to own and take responsibility for. If it wouldn’t be for those kowtowing, we wouldn’t be where we are right now.

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