Decency, We Barely Knew Thee

I stood watching

As decency took its last breath

I barely recognized it anymore

It had been mangled and beaten

Left to wither in the sun, the last

Trickles of compassion disappeared

Into the dry cracks, soaked unseeing

Within the forgotten layers

See how this ground has grown hard

Unhallowed, when left to its own devices

But there is new growth somewhere

Unnoticed as it struggles to break through

The compressed expanse beneath our feet

Watered, with the fleeting sentiments of love

I felt myself care for a moment, in recognition

And then shuddered at the possibility

Before spitting on the corpse of decency

And with it, erasing yet another path

Between the wreckage and the ruin


  1. River,
    I am very shook by your beautiful and strong poem, it brought tears to my eyes. You probably has seen that I write on the same subjects but have more hope … how else can we cope. And how can we heal?


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  2. Superb, River, absolutely superb. I love ‘trickles of compassion disappeared into the dry cracks’. So true, and such a perfectly drawn metaphor for the sad state of humanity today.

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  3. Stark yet the weeds grow through even the toughest ground. The task of the weed is actually to heal the earth. Which is why eaten out paddocks and soil drained of nutrition or poisoned will first grow so many weeds. Perhaps these weedy times mean that healing is on the way – but I am always a hopeful fool. Another great poem River.

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