False Beasts

A want for destruction
Held by
A lack of faith
In the oneself
Wrapped in your
Pious hope
Choking on
Identity indignation
And the suffering
Justified, subsists
At the end
Of a pointed finger
Driven by
A false awareness
By our self-imposed
In this we divide
As compassion
While the oppressed
The oppressor
Too afraid to deviate
From the group think
The fragile glue
Which holds together
This vulnerable
Distorted in its truth
As we are swallowed
By false beasts


  1. What to believe in? Falsehoods, group mentality, those who shout loudest or the self? You pose these questions really well in this piece, and the single word lines work perfectly as a focus. To me thus has an alomst rap-like feel about it. Great writing.

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  2. ‘Too afraid to deviate from the group think’ ~ sums it up for so many! Thought provoking as ever! Hope you are keeping well River? Happy New Year River! Wish you all the best in 2022 🙂

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  3. A want for destruction
    In the oneself
    choking on
    justified subsists
    self awareness
    in this we divide
    while the oppressed
    too afraid to deviate
    which holds together (not for long)
    distorted in *its* truth (which is not truth)

    Exploring False Beasts, by River Dixon
    every 3rd line with commentary added

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