What They Don’t See

They asked me why

I don’t often write

of the vastness of stars

tides of the sea

a flower’s bloom

bathed in a kiss

of sunlight

The blueness of skies

dotted with floating dreams

Shouldn’t words celebrate

the beauty in the world

They insisted

I assure you, I’ve tried

but each time failed

Exposed myself

as the imposter I am

I love those things

Stars, flowers, blue skies

and the sun

But it seems obvious

to me, their beauty

Each stands on its own

Without me

There’s something about

the darkness that’s

not so obvious

But equally elegant

There’s only one way

I’ve found, for me

to recognize

what grows within

The struggling

to find a way

Calling out

to be acknowledged

In the same way

you see the stars

the sky, sunshine

and flowers in bloom


  1. River, the darkness appeals to me too. As much as I love the light, the darkness is richly seductive. I need it when in despair. There’s a comfort in it. When I read your beautiful poem this morning, I remembered something I saved from IG recently. It was posted on @mother-entropy’s page by @with-antlers-gleaming: “In Uzbek we have this concept of the divine dark, the darkness from which all things came. So there’s this idea that shows up in a lot of our literature that when the world was first made it was like a gentle night, peaceful, quiet and pitch-black. The night is when creation started and the night is when you’re closest to glimpsing what it was like at the very start of the world.” ♥.

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  2. Wow. It’s been quite some time since I got the chance to read your work. Your work always amazes me. Keep blogging man ✌🌸

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    1. Me too. Eventually, it becomes comforting. Familiar. The light can be terrifying. The realization that hope actually exists and finally acknowledging that we are in control is a lot of responsibility. Too much for some people.

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  3. Amazing! This poem resonates with me. The world is a very different place at night. There is something about the dark of night that I find intriguing.

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  4. Sunshine casts shade. Flowers are the result of seeds hidden in darkness. And stars can only shine at night. Each and every experience has an opposite such as these. Joy is impossible without having known sorrow.

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