I’ve finally

Come up

With an ending

But I

Don’t think

You’re going

To like it

It involves

The holding

Of one’s


A submersion

Into the

Inevitable failings

Of all

Who came

Before you

There’s nothing

To hold onto

Not anymore

Not if you

Want to


To float

And bob


The waves

As the

Current flows


From what

It means

To live

Or should

I say

What you


It meant

To live

And if

At any


You no

Longer fear


Your mouth

Taking in

The acrid

Brine of

A new


Your eyes

Will burn


But soon


Will see

You are

No longer


And they

Are no longer



  1. This is a masterpiece! I appreciate the way this poem leads to a new way of existing, that’s simply existing without clinging into anything that we’re so familiar with. It’s not pleasant at first to confront the unfamiliar dimension but simply “floating” at the surface of our consciousness is the new beginning…

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      1. Sometimes, your poetry is the exact reflection of my inner realm. Therefore, it’s a joy to see someone had written truthfully about my own experiences.

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  2. This is most beautiful. I understand I believe some of what you are saying here. As a child I found refuge in a pond where I would float and go underwater with eyes wide open and feel such peace. Life outside was not pretty for me then and it was so calming. I could find peace in the silence, the calm before my next storm. I often prayed I could live in the water if God wouldn’t just put down his Holly Hand and carry me Home. Now even the water is a dangerous place, so very sad. Sending hugs and appreciation, Joni

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