I Could Listen Forever

Tell me again about

Those things that glow

Just out of reach

Beyond touch

Unimaginable for

Someone like me

But according to you

Real, nonetheless

I like to believe

Although it’s possible

What I like most

Is listening to you

Watching your eyes

Mouth, expressions

Hands working

As you wax poetic

About all that glows

Or is meant to

In a world that seems

To know only darkness


  1. We could all do with someone like this, to help us escape through a flame of hope. Someone who tells it how it at least should be ‘In a world that seems to know only darkness’. Hold on to these people, whoever they may be, they’re a portal to a better place. Love this one, River.

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  2. The power of others to enter our life and change our perception. I’ve had a precious few of those and they walk with me every day whether they know it or not. What really boggles the mind is I might well be that to someone else. Once you are taught to see something, you can’t unsee it. Gee, now I really hope I have been that to at least someone somewhere sometime. Nicely penned.

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  3. We can create all kinds of wonderment in the small nuances of another. The gestures of another’s hands or the scheming done with restless friend. The movement of another’s eyes, all are magical. This is a beautiful piece my friend. 🦋

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