The latest short story from the sick, twisted minds of Simon McHardy and Sean Hawker is available now at the store. You won’t find any of these shorts on Amazon.

If you aren’t familiar with these two, they write the most brutal, extreme, satirical, non-politically correct splatterpunk that you can imagine (or can’t imagine). So, if you have a tendency to take things too seriously or are easily offended, their stories are probably not for you. But stop by the store anyway and check out all of our releases. There’s something for everybody in our widely varied catalog!

Big dreams of a new life brought Demetri from Mother Russia to America. But instead of endless freedom and prosperity, he finds himself stuck with a whoring wife, a vegan feminist daughter, a disabled son who can’t keep his hands off his pecker, and a failing farm overrun with rabbits.

In desperation, he turns to Ed at the local farm supply store who offers him an “ancient Chinese secret” to alleviate his rabbit problem. However, as with everything else in Demetri’s life, things don’t work out quite as he had expected.

Hide your wives and daughters and pucker up your sphincter because the BUNNIES are coming!