If It Made Any Sense, I Wouldn’t Bother

it is as unfortunate as it is true

that at what i thought to be the end

of it all, i had wiped far more

than simply that smile from my face

with it, i had taken the very essence

of what it once meant to me to be, at least

somewhat part of what it means to you

to be, at least, in part, one of the living few

instead, there, dangled something barely

a belt’s notch above what was nothing

and once it finally made sense to me

i couldn’t put any of it back, or even

remember where it had all gone

in the first place that now, becomes last


  1. Enigmatically grim. I have read this four times now trying to understand it and although its meaning is elusive — to me anyway and I bet to many of the readers who ‘liked’ it (I admit to a tinge of jealousy there) — its power is profound.

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  2. I put aside my brain and used my heart to feel this poem. To me, it speaks of the longing that never goes away, even at the end of what we think is everything. Just when we think it’s gone, it is not and, once it’s called up again from wherever it was hidden, it’s just as strong as it always was. The longing is this way for me too. And now that I accept it, it is a part of me, forever.

    Or perhaps you meant something else entirely. But that’s the beauty of poetry. It gifts each of us differently.

    Thank you, River.

    ♥. nf

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  3. Your poetry always makes me think and feel deeply about our reality. I interpreted the poem about an awakening, a realization of truth and how that changes everything from the past and the present, how the truth effects everything and nothing is as it was, or can ever return to the past illusion. I love your poem, River.

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