A Call for Submissions



Where are all the mouthy fringe dwellers, the genius goofballs, shadow whisperers, smart weirdos and weird smart-asses? We want literary magicians, word mavens, thought tazers, love bombers, in-ya-facers, opinionators and soul soothers.

Bring us your fare, your fiercely fictitious and flirtatiously factual,  powerful prose, profound poetry and razored non-fiction; literary libations to intoxicate the masses.

We’re looking for regular contributors who’ve harnessed (or released) their literary prowess, who command their words or are possessed by them. You’ll join a hand-picked team of exquisitely articulate artists committed to sculpting a fascination and passion for literature and art.

Send us your succulent samplings here: moralityparksubmissions@gmail.com

Please include a link to your blog or website and a little snippet about yourself along with your submission.

MP Editor

Maggie Lawson

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